nches with the exhibition Contemporary Serbian Art, which is organized in Sofia by DOMA Art Foundation in partnership with Vaska Emanouilova Gallery and is supported by the Culture Program of Sofia Municipality.

Works by nineteen Serbian artists will be featured in the gallery and the space for cultural events „SeeMeOn 29” (29 Tsar Simeon Str.). On display will be works by Ana Vujović, Aleksandar Denić, Branko Milisković, Vladimir Vasić, Davor Gromilović, Damjan Kovačević, Emilija Radojičić, Iva Kuzmanović, Ivan Šuletić, Ivana Ranisavljević, Lidija Delić, Marina Marković, Marija Šević, Marta Jovanović, Mina Piščević, Miodrag Ninić, Nemanja Nikolić, Petar Sibinović, Sara Kostić. The exhibition employs the form of “national” presentation. Contrary to the usual expectations, however, of the national level being generally associated with the most prestigious and recognizable artists, here it presents mostly the works of young authors, all of them using vastly diverse media, subjects and techniques. Curators point out that this specific wide spectre of artistic practices, along with the work on the borderline of formal and informal, traditional and contemporary means of expression, professionalism and amateurism, are characteristic of the young national art scene. The themes of the exhibition are both diverse and close to the Bulgarian environment and relate to the works themselves and to the wider context of art, characterized by instability, a meagre market, and weak institutional support.

Part of the overall event will be a forum, open to the audience, to be held with the exhibition curators and representatives of other art spaces in Belgrade, some of whom participate in the exhibitions, as well as Bulgarian curators, artists and representatives of art spaces in Sofia. The topics to be discussed within the forum include the development of the young Balkan scene in general, crossover points in the future and in the past. The event will begin with a performance by Branko Milisković who is among the top-ranking young artists in Belgrade’s art scene.

NEXT BALKAN Contemporary Serbian art is the first exhibition of the platform to be followed by a reciprocal project that will present Bulgarian artists in Serbia in 2020. In Sofia, the event is supported by the Culture Program of Sofia Municipality.

More information on the initiators of the event:

DOMA Art Foundation works with contemporary culture, art and urban development, provokes cultural exchange and interaction between local and foreign partners through the production of various events in the field: exhibitions, festivals, exchange programs, discussion forums, etc. Among the projects are the contemporary art festival DOMA Art Fest, KvARTal – an initiative together with the local community (art spaces, businesses, cultural institutions and organizations) for establishing a cultural district in Sofia and the following KvARTal Festival; Art Compass – a platform for contemporary cultural content in the regional centres of Bulgaria, etc. In 2013, together with four Korean artists, four public art sculptures were made, donated to Sofia Municipality and the Ministry of Culture, and installed in the city of Sofia. In 2016, Forbes Bulgaria awarded DOMA in the “30 under 30” contest in the category “Art, Culture and Media”. In 2017 DOMA were selected by the Bulgarian magazine Kapital in the contest for young leaders “NEXT Generation”.

Kulturforum ODKR, an organization for socio-cultural development, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization in the fields of art, culture and society based in Belgrade, Serbia. Since 2012, Kulturforum has produced and organized numerous art and culture programs and events. It has been cooperating with partners such as POKB Foundation (2014-2016) and O3on Art Project (2016 to the present date). In its programs, the organization focuses on young artists.