Nadya Teknedzhieva. Equivalents
Objects and Photography
5 September – 29 October 2023


Nadya Teknedzhieva presents her understanding of life and art as a harbour for the soul through spiritualized porcelain and photographic images.

Through layering of images and symbols from different ages, porcelain objects make polysemantic references opening the door for a profusion of interpretations. The visual game between the image (as a leading element) and the symbol (as a carrier of memory) turns into a unique process of ‘dematerialization’, where the object or the event lose their initial meaning, the real image turns into a fictional one, thus triggering a transmission from the outer world of humans to their inner world.

Fine, exquisite, elegant, clean and refined in form, concept and philosophy, the works are mainly developed in three colors – white, black and blue. On the surface of the objects, Teknedzhieva applies her lyrical-melancholic images, shapes and whimsical structures, floral motifs and landscapes, born from reality or created in the author’s imagination, through various graphic techniques and decorative techniques. And in the dreamlike photographic prints created on the photogram principle by contact copying, clouds and imaginary landscapes are revealed in the medium’s signature blue color.

The exhibition includes over 20 works – ceramic works, a series of photographs, video and poetic stanzas, created especially for the space of the Vaska Emanuilova Gallery