Лого на Галерия Васка Емануилова
Анимация по време на зареждане
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Valentina Sciarra

14 Януари 2020 - 14 Февруари 2020

The exhibition project consists of 5 works created in Bulgaria between 2018 and 2019, whichwill have as their common line of research the definition of a “non-existent category” betweenthe feminine and the masculine.

Female and male stereotypes are rooted in culture and common feeling, both among menand women; many studies confirm that people see men and women as different in attitudes,emotions, male behavior and female behavior.

The stereotypes are obviously hard to die and basically, they are reassuring: we like to thinkthat the world is predictable and consistent.

The exhibition project proposed for the “Vaska Emanouilova “Gallery will have as its purpose thediscovery of a non-existent category between man and woman, through an exercise of thinkingfor all of us:trying to consider common male and female stereotypes as true, and at the same time feelthat I’m not exactly part of that - and therefore be part of a non-existent category.

note: Vaska Emanouilova has probably already completed this thinking exercise in a selectionof sculptures, which - hopefully - will be part of the exhibition. This exhibition idea was bornfrom the particular sculptural style of the Bulgarian sculptress, in which the “bodies”– inspecific works - fall into this non-existent category.



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