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Stoyan Raynov:Clay Tales

02 Юли 2019 - 01 Септември 2019


Stoyan Raynov

Clay Tales

3 July 2019 – 1 September 2019

Exhibition opening:  2 July, Tuesday, 6pm, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery

                                         Curator: Neda Zhivkova

The exhibition follows some of the most significant aspects of Stoyan Raynov’s work highlighting the artist’s studio and his most distinguished students. The Clay Tales exhibition presents early works of the artist from his period as an illustrator, as well as pieces from his career as an acclaimed ceramic artist. A gifted ceramic artist, as suggested by his Art Nouveau vases, Stoyan Raynov received extensive training in Europe’s most prominent studios. His visually stunning vases are characterized by rich ornamentation, and profound symbolism, also featuring scenes from literary works.

Stoyan Raynov’s most essential accomplishments shall rather be sought in his legacy, namely in the lessons he taught his disciples, and, most of all, in the design of a comprehensive curriculum fostering the development of a modern approach to ceramic art in Bulgaria. From legends and mystical coincidences through to European schools of art and hard work in the studio, Stoyan Raynov explored the features of traditional ceramic art while concurrently creating a new kind of art with a modern twist.

The exhibition features more than fifty works belonging to various stages of the artist’s career. The exhibition was divided along specific thematic lines, namely illustrations representing his early work, and ceramic pieces from the period when he was most active on the art scene. Another highlight of the exhibition is a selection of 23 works from the Museum Collection of the National Academy of Arts, including early and late works by Stoyan Raynov, as well as works presenting assignments turned in by his students over the period 1932 – 1961 when the artist headed the Ceramic Arts Studio at the National Academy of Arts. The exhibition also features a number of works from private collections being put on display for the first time in decades. Also featured are works from the permanent collections of the Sofia City Art Gallery, the National Gallery of Art, the Museum of Regional History of the City of Haskovo, the Plovdiv City Art Gallery.

An exhibition catalogue is available, as well as the opportunity to attend a lecture by Prof. Bozhidar Bonchev entitled Stoyan Raynov’s Ceramic Art.

The project was brought to life in partnership with the National Academy of Arts.



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